About Us

CV. Putra Tama Jaya was founded on May 12 2001 in the Parakan sub-district, precisely in Caturanom village, Parakan sub-district, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. And is a company engaged in the wood processing industry. The background to the founding of this company is based on the proximity of the source of raw materials in the form of Albasia wood and also to empower the local community.

Initially CV. Putra Tama Jaya is only limited to providing sawn wood drying services, as time goes by and seeing the prospects for the wood industry which are quite good, finally CV. Putra Tama Jaya is developing its business by producing Barecore, and with the continued development of the company and the potential that currently exists, CV. Putra Tama Jaya has produced several products, namely: Barecore, Blockboard, and Veneer.

And our market segments are export and local. For our export markets, several Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and also several countries in the Middle East such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many more.

With the development of this industry currently CV. Putra Tama Jaya has absorbed a workforce of approximately 500 people, and in this way we are also helping the government in overcoming unemployment.

And with the increasing number of companies operating in the wood industry, we are always improving quality and new innovations so that we can compete in the global market.