CV. Putra Tama Jaya
A company engaged in the wood processing industry

CV. Putra Tama Jaya was founded on May 12 2001 in the Parakan sub-district, precisely in Caturanom village, Parakan sub-district, Temanggung Regency, Central Java. And is a company engaged in the wood processing industry. The background to the founding of this company is based on the proximity of the source of raw materials in the form of Albasia wood and also to empower the local community.

Our Products :

For thickness sizes we are ready 11mm to 13mm, but the size that is always available is 13mm.
And for length 2495mm and width 1250mm
And product grades include: Grade A, Grade AB, and Grade C And all of our products use Albasian wood
For thickness sizes 15mm, 18mm, 21mm, and 24mm, but the ready thickness size is 18mm.
And for length 2440mm and width 1220mm